Monthy Assignments For 2017

January: - Rose Parker (Digital) - Vertical vs Horizontal
February: - (B&W Print) - New Orleans Staue(s)
March: - (Digital) - Boats
April: - (Color Print) - Windows/Doors
May: - (Digital) -
June 1: - (B&W Print Due May 18) - Topic Country Roads
July 6: - (Digital Due June 15) - Topic Children
August 3: - (Color Print Due July 20) - Topic Landscape
September 7: - (Digital Due August 21) - Topic Cooling Off
October 5: - (B&W Print Due September 21) - Topic Lone Tree
November 2: - (Digital Due October 19) - Topic Water
December 7: - (Color Print Due November 14) - Topic Flower Macro

Monthy Assignments For 2018

January 4: - (Digital Due December 14) - Topic (unassigned at this time)

Each month a member may submit a total of 4 entries with no more than two in any one category.

Please refer to the rules regarding ‘nature’ and ‘photojournalism’ categories.

Creative (highly manipulated) – nothing that looks like a straight shot and all images used to make your composite image must be yours.

*****NOTE: The SMALLEST print size acceptable is 4 x 10 inches which is accepted for landscape scenes, otherwise smallest is 8 x 10 and the LARGEST is 16 x 20 inches. The prints must be mounted on regular mount or mat board and no thicker than 3/8 inch. Please use the designated label for prints. Place it in the upper left corner or centered at the top of the photo backing. This will provide all the necessary information and includes an arrow to show which way to display the print properly. Remove all old labels from backing. Signatures on the print or mat will disqualify the entry.

*****NOTE: Digital images should be given a category followed by the title and ending with the photographer’s name. For example, Assigned – Happy – Rose Parker, or Open – Hot Bread – Eric France, or PJ – Wedding in French Quarter – Jean Manale, or Creative – Falling Apart – Tom Longmire

Please note: If print or digital image is not properly marked or is of improper size or does not follow GNOCC competition rules, it will be disqualified by the chairperson(or collector of prints). If a nature image does not follow guidelines, it will be disqualified. If you have any questions, please notify the monthly chairperson first and then the club president secondly.

**Digital Category Months**
Photo Journalism

**Print Category Months**
Assigned -
(One month will be assigned color and another assigned B&W so check)
Open Color
Open B&W

Monthly competitions will alternate the type of medium used for the competition- Digital Projected (see digital rules), Prints B&W, and Prints Color.